All International non-documents consignments require a Pro-forma/Commercial Invoice or Customs Declaration for Customs purposes. Failure to supply this paperwork will result in lengthy delays in the destination country, the return of the shipment and possible additional costs to the Shipper or Consignee.


The standard Customs Invoice (copy available on request) should be photocopied onto your company letterhead paper and be completed whenever you export non-document or dutiable goods. Customs prefer all invoices to be typed, with as much information as possible included. This will help to prevent any delays or difficulties that may arise through the customs procedures. A minimum of three (3) copies of the pro-forma invoice should be provided with the goods to be exported. The following must be completed by the Shipper/Sender.



1.             The Jet Worldwide Courier Waybill (CWB) Number of the consignment.



2.             The full name and address of the company or individual you are shipping to (the Consignee). A telephone number, fax number or email address is essential for all consignments.



3.             Accurate shipment weight (in Kilograms), dimensions (in centimetres) and the total number of pieces must be noted on the invoice.



4.             A full description of the goods, exact number of items, unit value and total value of each item must be included.



5.             The Total Value of the Invoice must be noted in the correct box.  Customs will not accept a value of ‘NIL’ even if the goods are not for re-sale in the destination country. A nominal value MUST be noted on the invoice.



6.             The reason for exporting the goods.  eg.: samples, gift items, return to origin, etc.



7.             The country of manufacture of the goods.



8.             Your company’s name, address and telephone number. (‘the Shipper’)



9.             Print your name and position in the company and sign each invoice with an original signature. This is essential.



For all details of Export regulations, contact your local customs officer or visit The Australian Customs website: